Pink Lemonade - Crystal Bar Puffs 600 VU9 Box Of 10

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Crystal Vape Bar Disposable Classic Pack Of 10 Cheap Disposable

Tantalize your taste buds with this Pink Lemonade-flavored Crystal Bar Puff. 

Crystal Bar Disposable Vapes - a new classic bar has been created using the large range of delightful flavours from VU9 Eliquids as well as specials not available in any other vape!

Flavour Profile: lemonade-citric blend

C R Y S T A L Bar 600 Puffs Features:

- Fueled by a Modest 500mAh Battery

- Strength: 20MG

- 20mg of Premium Grade VU9 Nicotine Salt E-liquid

- Distinctive NEW FLAVOURS

Crystal Bar Flavours Menu:

Watermelon strawberry bubblegum: Refreshingly sweet and juicy fusion Berries Ice: Exotic Berries combined with a delicate coolness Blue Fusion: Iconic Mr Blue with a unique twist Lemon peach passion fruit: Tart-like citrus notes combined with sweet and savoury nuances Peach ice: Orchard fresh peach flavour with a cooling highlight Blueberry raspberry: Fresh berries combined with a tart-like aroma Tobacco: Rich and robust flavour Kiwi passion fruit guava: Tropical trio of tropical flavours Menthol: Clean and refreshing essence Sour apple blueberry: Zesty apples and fresh blueberries Cherry ice: Sweet cherries with a hint of chill Blueberry sour raspberry: Dual berry combination with a sweet and sour taste Pink lemonade: Classic lemony refreshment with a pink tint Green grape: Crisp green


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