We bring to you a brand new collection, VU9 Bar Salt X VAPE KITS, buy liquid and kits all in one BUNDLE, Nicotine Salt Eliquids - which is a special type of liquid which is used with these Pod-Kits

Types Of POD KITS 

DISPOSABLE POD KIT - Aspire Kit is still a R1 Kit is disposable pod kit, meaning the POD (which holds the coil inside) cannot be replaced, the device could last upto 8 refills (Use upto 16ML Of Liquid OR 3500 - 4000 PUFFS)

Difference: once the coil burns out because of repeated use - it cannot be replaced - meaning the whole device needs to be changed

CLASSIC VAPE POD KIT - In this type of device the POD (which contains the coil) can be replaced, meaning if the coil does burn out - you can simply purchase a REPLACEMENT POD for that device and volla, like new

Difference: Pod can be replaced, and kit is reuseable 

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