Customer Age Verification By AgeChecked

Age Checked X UK Vape World Partnership

You NEED TO BE 18+ to make a purchase ON OUR SITE! 

By no means are any of the items accessible on this site to be bought by or utilised by people younger than eighteen (18) years of age.

UK VAPE WORLD, will not sell products to minors. UK VAPE WORLD reserves the right to CANCEL ANY sales transaction based on its sole discretion where it reasonably believes the purchaser is purchasing products on behalf of a minor. 



Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Our items don't treat, analyse, or fix any ailment, physical affliction, or condition. In the event that you are adversely affected by nicotine or any blend of inhalants, on the off chance that you are pregnant or suffering from the following conditions; diabetes, hypertension or asthma please consult your doctor before utilising any of the items on this site. 

Why Do We Need To Verify Your Age

Simply put, because it's the law! Since 2015 it has been illegal to sell vape products to anybody under the age of 18, so we must ensure that all customers are age checked. In store this is easy to handle as the staff can apply the same challenge 25 procedures that everybody is used to with tobacco and alcohol, but when you shop online we can't see your face so we have to conduct a digital age verification on every new customer.

In short, because it's the law! Since 2015 it has been illegal to sell vape products to anyone under the age of 18, so we must ensure all customers are age verified. This is easy to deal with in a store because employees can apply the same challenge that everyone is used to with tobacco and alcohol, but when you shop online we don't see your face so we have to check the digital age of customers with each new one. To Do this we make use of the services of AGECHECKED.COM

How Does Digital Age Verification Work?

When you place your first order with UK VAPE WORLD, we will check your details (name, date of birth and billing address) with a third party digital age verification provider AGECHECKED. This will take place in the background when you are placing your order, and you will be notified via email if you have been verified! 

This process attempts to match details with official records such as voter registration or credit records, which are accurate by age.

Once you verify your age, we will mark your member account as Age Verified and you will not need to go through the process again. The only exception to this is when we change any of your personal details, where we will carry out another check to ensure the security of your account.

What Happens If My Age Can't Be Verified Automatically?

If we are unable to verify you automatically we do have a backup option for you. AgeChecked, will send you an email requesting for a form of ID, once uploaded this can be verified and your order can be sent out securely!

To complete this online, we will send you a link which will take you to a secure site where you will be asked to take a photo of your ID and a selfie - so we can be sure it is your ID and not somebody else's.

The process takes less than a minute, and can be completed using any smartphone, tablet or laptop that has a camera.

Why is Age Verification Important?

Vaping is simply not made for non-smokers or children. We don't want non-smokers to start using nicotine; that's not why it sucks. Vaping is only for adult smokers who want to switch from combustible tobacco to a much lower risk alternative which, according to Public Health England, is "95% less harmful than smoking."

As seen in the UK recently, where some brands marketed their products to children. This led to a massive youth boom that was so alarming that the Government has decided to step in and introduce a BAN ON DISPOSABLE VAPING Entirely! This is a problem for millions of adult smokers who can no longer afford these safer alternatives and we don't want this to happen again in the UK.

Does Age Verification Cost Me Anything?

No, age verification does not require any cost from the user (you). In most cases happens in the background and does not require your intervention.

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