Are You Doing It Right? Vape Facts, Vape Etiquettes, and More

Are You Doing It Right? Vape Facts, Vape Etiquettes, and More

When it comes to vaping or using vapes and portable vaporizers, every vaper knows the facts about their favorite hobby. For instance, we understand that vaping is less harmful as compared to smoking. With vaporization, the body takes fewer toxic chemicals and vapor or “clouds” are less of a nuisance as compared to cigarette smoke. With this being said, you might feel you can vape anywhere and anytime you like. However, there is vape etiquette vapers need to keep in mind to make everybody happy or at the least not a major cause of a disaster. 

As a vaper, there are important things you need to consider before assembling your vaporizer or vape. Here are the vaping etiquettes you need to know.

  1. Choosing the Best Place to Vape

It makes sense not vaping in confined spaces because other people are also occupying the same space. More so, if there are children or elderly people around who might be sensitive to any form of vapor. In a closed space, vapor tends to stay on the air longer and it will result in higher concentration with each cloud which might be unpleasant for others. It is better to consider smoking outside as a form of concern and consideration to other people. Many people, most especially non-smokers and non-vapers, find people who either vape or smoke in public inconsiderate and offensive. Find a good place far enough from the crowd so vapor won’t get in their faces. 

Why not vape at home? Besides, it is your own haven, so enjoy the privacy and start learning new vape tricks! However, if ever you are expecting friends, relatives, or guests to come over, be courteous enough and air out the living room area or if possible every room where you vape. If you decide to vape in a vehicle, it’s totally fine as long as you’re vaping alone or with a vaping buddy. However, it is not advisable to roll the windows down to prevent vision impairment. Prior to transporting family or friends, it is also a good idea airing out your vehicle to get rid of vapor and smell.

If you are in public places, like a shop or restaurant, vaping should be avoided. Many public places have restrictions and warnings on smoking, so it’s best to also follow the same rules when it comes to vaping. Remember, don’t vape in areas where smoking is not permitted. Simple as that.  

  1. Vaping Etiquette: How to Make a Good Impression 

If you make a good impression, you can improve the perception of vaping as when compared to cigarette or weed smoking. Many people still don’t know the big difference between vaping and smoking, so they may need some form of enlightenment on these by being a good role model. If someone asks you or is curious about what you’re doing, then this is the best time to educate them. By answering just a few quick questions about vapes, vaporizers, and vaping already creates a great impression that can help out everyone.

You have to bear in mind that asking permission is one of the keys to enjoying vaping. When you visit someone else’s home or go into your friend’s car, you ask for permission to do certain things. For instance, you might ask for permission when you want to change a channel, fix a cup of tea, or change a radio station. Now, it makes more sense asking for permission when you want to vape in a property that is not yours. Before you heat up those coils, it is best to ask permission from the house owner. They may look gracious and agree, but offer to vape outside.

  1. Social Aspects of Vaping Etiquette 

When it comes to vaping socially, there are a few pointers you need to take into consideration. If ever you’re around people that don’t smoke, be courteous and take a few moments to ask if it’s okay for you to vape. If you’re asked some questions about it, try to answer politely and educate them about vaping facts like the difference between vaporizers and real tobacco cigarettes. Now, if you are around children, it’s a good practice not to vape at all. The nicotine e-juice can be fatal to children and pets too.

If you’re around cigarette smokers, avoid criticizing or sarcasm. If a smoker is curious about vaping, try to educate him or her about vaping and how to use vapes or portable vaporizers. Blowing smoke into another person’s face is rude for a smoker. The same is true with vaping. Blowing vapor is a rude behavior even if the vapor is less toxic. Don’t vape just to ease the boredom when riding on a bus or waiting in a line. The same rule applies when you’re in a public transport. Usually, people who wait on the line are in a bad mood, thus blowing vapors into their faces might just end up in an unpleasant or unavoidable situation.

  1. Stealth Vaping and Other Considerations

If you want to opt-in stealthy vaping or avoiding people noticing you while vaping, you also need to consider some important things. Stealth vaping means actively trying to hide their vapes or portable vaporizers that come in odd shapes and discrete devices or hiding it on your sleeves or elsewhere. Surely, you might get away with it but it’s still inconsiderate not to follow the things we have previously mentioned.

As a preventative measure, don’t start puffing if you’re in bed watching TV because the same theory applies to smoke. Fire accident may happen, like lighting your cigarettes wrong or falling asleep while smoking. On the other hand, a leaky vape can be messy on your bed or you might charge your vaporizer wrong which may result to device explosion.

Self-discipline is vital in any social setting, and we are relying on ourselves to make the right decisions in public. Vaping etiquette is a major cornerstone of modern vape society. With modern portable vaporizers and vapes, etiquette comes with technology.


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