ELF BAR TACJA Nicotine Pouches Cheap ONLY £3.99

Tacja Nicotine Pouch by Elf Bar offers a lasting and smooth nicotine experience with vibrant flavors.

Crafted in Sweden from gum and plant-based ingredients, these soft, 100% tobacco-free pouches are a superior alternative to vaping.

Tacja pouches come in three nicotine strengths: 12 mg/g (Regular - 6mg/pouch), 18 mg/g (Medium - 9mg/pouch), and 20 mg/g (Strong - 11mg/pouch).

Instructions to Use: 

To use, place a pouch between your lip and gum,

Enjoying a refreshing,

Tingling sensation for about fifteen minutes, with nicotine effects lasting up to thirty minutes

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