Box Of 10 MK Bar Mini 600 Vape

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Pack Of 10 - MK Bar Mini 600 Vape (Masking Disposable Bar) is designed for a rich, smooth experience with a capacity of up to 600 Puffs.

Pack Of 10 For £30 - Unmatched Deal

The 600PUFF Bar comes with a built-in 650mAh Rechargeable Battery and 2ml liquid capacity, as well as a selection of flavourful 20mg (2%) nicotine strength new and classic blends, plus their preceding Legend Series offerings.

Strength: 20MG (2% Nic Salt)

Puffs: At least 600 puffs

Battery capacity: 550mah

Advanced Airflow: More flavour with every puff!

Fire Rose Bar provide you with yet another unique range of flavours 

Airflow: Smart Controlled 

Flavour Menu:

Mango ice - Freshly picked summer mangoes on top of ice
Lush ice - Watermelons, on ice
Strawberry lychee - freshly picked forrest strawberries mixed with lychee, because...
Strawberry banana - berries and banana's, you know where I'm going with this
Cool Mint - Fresh, mint, but cool (insert cool-guy glasses)
Blueberry raspberry - Blueberries, raspberries with a classic mix
Blue Razz Lemonade - same with a citric twist
Blueberry sour Raspberry - same but raspberries gone bad
Lemon Lime - limes, and tangy lemons
Mk Juice - No idea, but sounds good 
Tropical Fruit - punch to the face
Melon watermelon banana - Melons and watermelons and saccharine banana's 
Banana ice - Banana's on ICE
Cherry ice - Cherries on ICE 
Grape Paradise - a heavenly fruit
Vanilla latte - Don't Ask
Blueberry Mango - frehsly picked berries
Lychee Mango, VMT, Mixed fruit 

(NEW) Vape Review: 4.6 ★