Firerose 4500 Nic Salt 10ML eLiquid

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Firerose 4500 Nic Salt 10ML eLiquid are formulated with nicotine salts, an innovation in the world of eLiquid, for a smoother, more satisfying vaping experience



  • PG/VG: 50:50
  • At least 3000puffs
  • Strength: 10mg or 20mg
  • Bottle Size: 10ml

Firerose 4500puff series are some of the most popular disposable devices to hit the market, providing customers with a better option because of their excellent flavour, high quality and competitive price.

Experience Firerose 4500 flavoured eLiquids in 10mg and 20mg nicotine concentrations. Opt for a Mix & Match, 5 for £12

There are OVER 25 Blends in this Nic Salt Firerose range

Firerose Salt Flavour Menu

  1. Berry Bang: A burst of mixed berries, a harmonious collision of fruity goodness, creating an explosive and delightful vaping experience.

  2. Cherry Sours: Tangy cherry delight with a sour twist, a zesty and fruity blend for a tantalizing vaping sensation.

  3. Cherry Cola: Classic cola infused with sweet cherry, a nostalgic and fizzy vaping experience with a delightful cherry cola twist.

  4. Blue Crush: A wave of blue flavor, a refreshing and intense vaping experience that captivates with its bold and fruity profile.

  5. Blue Razz Gummy (HOT): A spicy twist on blue raspberry gummies, a unique and hot sensation adding excitement to the sweet and fruity vape.

  6. Tutti Fruiti: A medley of assorted fruits, a vibrant and diverse blend creating a fruity symphony for a flavorful vaping journey.

  7. Blue Crush (NEW): A fresh take on the classic Blue Crush, a revamped and intensified blue-flavored vaping experience with added excitement.

  8. Hubbla Bubbla (HOT): A spicy twist on bubblegum, offering a unique and hot bubblegum vaping experience with added intrigue.

  9. Pineapple Peach Mango: Tropical trio fusion, blending the exotic sweetness of pineapple, peach, and mango for a lush and fruity vaping delight.

  10. Bubblegum Airways: Whimsical bubblegum clouds, a sweet and airy vaping experience reminiscent of childhood bubblegum bliss.

  11. Lemon Lime: Citrusy fusion of zesty lemon and lime, a bright and refreshing combination for a tangy and uplifting vaping experience.

  12. Blueberry Pomegranate: A fruitful fusion of succulent blueberries and tart pomegranate, offering a balanced and refreshing vaping experience.

  13. Strawberry Raspberry: A berry duet of sweet strawberries and tart raspberries, creating a flavorful and harmonious vaping experience.

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