Geek Bar E600 Disposable Vape Apple Peach Pear Pack Of 10

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GEEK Bar E600Puff Disposable Pack Of 10 Vapes Box Apple Peach

GEEK bars returns adding even more unique flavours and combinations of your favourite vapes!

Flavour Profile: fresh savoury apples infused with perky peaches added to saccharine pears with a geek vape twist!

A proxy to the Market Leading Elf Bars - Geekvape were the first in the disposable market with their pioneering ahead of its time device - 

Large range of delightful flavours as well as specials not available in any other vape


- Fueled by a Modest 400mAh Battery

- 20mg of Premium Grade Nicotine Salt E-liquid

- Distinctive NEW FLAVOURS

(NEW) Vape Review: ★