The Lancashire Creamery Strawberry Milkshake Deluxe Eliquid 100ml

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Shop The Lancashire Strawberry Milkshake Deluxe e Juice 100ml E-Liquid is a layered strawberry symphony, offering a well-balanced mix of malty and milky goodness. A perfect addition to the Shortfil eliquid Range!

100 mL Eliquid boasts a 70/30 VG/PG blend, ideal for sub-ohm vaping!

Future Labs made Ejuice Features:

  • 100ml of Eliquid in 120ML Bottle
  • 20ml headroom to add upto 2X 10ml nicotine shot
  • Mixing it 2 x nicotine shot

What's In the Box Of The Lancashire Creamery 100ML Shortfil Juice?

E-Liquid Specifications:

Lancashire Ejuice is a blend of 70% VG and 30% mixed PG ensures an enjoyable vaping experience

Each puff offers a mouthwatering combination of rich creaminess, tantalizing vanilla, and decadent caramel.

Satisfy your cravings and succumb to the irresistible taste with every puff.

Shortfill Eliquids - Instructions for use - UK Vape World

Flavours Menu:

Bread & Butter Pudding: is a luscious blend capturing the essence of freshly baked delights. Revel in layers of creamy vanilla custard, delivering a rich and comforting vaping experience!
Butterscotch Ice Cream Deluxe: A luxurious indulgence that beckons dessert lovers. Immerse yourself in the velvety embrace of smooth whipped ice cream complemented by generous lashings of sweet butterscotch syrup for an irresistibly decadent vaping experience.
Looper Cereal & Milk: A fruity and loopy milky concoction that is madness on the tongue.
Pistachio & Hazelnut Custard: Pistachios and Hazelnuts blended with creamy vanilla custard for an irresistible flavor.
Strawberry Milkshake Deluxe: A layered strawberry symphony of well-balanced milkshake goodness with malty and milky undertones.
Vanilla Milkshake & Wafers: Sweet and smooth vanilla notes churned into a creamy delight, complemented by the throwback flavor of light and flaky wafer.
All Flavours available in 100ml Lancashire Creamery eliquid - UK Vape World

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