Is Nicotine A Wonder Drug? And Not Just For Tackling COVID-19 Either

It’s had a bad press for years, but now science is recognizing that nicotine is a wonder drug.

Scientists are currently working flat out to find a vaccine to combat the latest strain of coranavirus and many are using nicotine as a starting block.

nicotine a wonder drug against covid-19

Not only that, trials of nicotine patches to combat the virus are also underway – more on that in a moment.

I made that comment after the WHO warned governments NOT to work with Big Tobacco companies.

This despite a track record from their research departments bringing out life saving nicotine plant based drugs – one of which is among the very few used to tackle Ebola of all things…

Now, and given research is showing not only vapers, but also smokers, could even be immune to contracting COVID-19 – or at least NOT as was first feared – seen to be developing serious complications – the question is of course – is nicotine a wonder drug?

This research into vapers and smokers being less likely to be infected goes against much that’s been written during this pandemic. Indeed I’ve followed the science that said smokers were more likely to suffer complications.

UK experts agreed there was NO risk from vaping – but were pretty sure smokers were at risk.

However, that theory seems to have been turned on its head – in the case of smokers at least.

Nicotine A Wonder Drug – Are Vapers and Smokers Immune?

Famous artist David Hockney threw a spotlight on the issue after he wrote a letter to UK tabloid the Daily Mail.

He wrote:

"Could it not be that smokers have developed an immune system to this virus? With all these figures coming out, it’s beginning to look like that to me…"

Cue guffaws – rolling eyes etc from many in the science community and indeed the media and wider public.

However, and with all good stories – there could be an element of truth in this theory.

Professor Francois Balloux is a world renowned virologist and based at University College London.

After reading and then sharing a study from our old friend Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos and Dr Anastasia Barbouni, said he was genuinely “puzzled” by the findings!

Dr Farsalinos e cig research
Dr Farsalinos

According to Dr Farsalinos’ study, smoking increases certain receptors in the lungs and given COVID-19 appears to attack and remove them, the replenishment staves off the virus!

French scientist Professor Jean-François Delfraissy – who’s advising the French Government during the pandemic, was equally impressed.

He told the media:

"We have something very special with tobacco.

We have found that the vast majority of serious cases are not smokers, as if (…) tobacco protects against this virus, via nicotine."

Dr Farsalinos said another issue is stopping smokers and I guess vapers from smoking and vaping in hospital as this could make any symptoms worse:

"Hospitalization for COVID-19 will inevitably result in abrupt withdrawal of nicotine and its beneficial effect linked to this hypothesis in smokers or users of other nicotine products.

This could, at least partly, explain the association between smoking and COVID-19 severity among hospitalized patients."

Like I said – nicotine the wonder drug? Who’da thought 😉

Nicotine Patches To Fight COVID-19?

If you’re still not convinced and don’t think nicotine could be the wonder drug to fight COVID-19 – to France again where scientists are testing patches!

Yup – those so called stop smoking nicotine patches – that we know from both Big Pharma and Tobacco don’t work and they’ve known all along! [see link for that bombshell!].


At least we may be finding a proper use for them after all 😉

Researchers from the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital are seeing unbelievable results regarding the use of nicotine to fight COVID-19!

Results from early studies has led to researchers saying they’ve never seen results like this in medicine!

They say:

"Our cross-sectional study strongly suggests that those who smoke every day are much less likely to develop a symptomatic or severe infection with Sars-CoV-2 compared with the general population.

The effect is significant. It divides the risk by five for ambulatory patients and by four for those admitted to hospital.

We rarely see this in medicine."

Of course no one – including me – is saying get out there and start smoking!

What the science IS telling us is nicotine could be the wonder drug when it comes to this current pandemic.

And that ladies and gentlemen – is major news indeed 🙂

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