Elux Legend 3500 Puffs Vs Elux Bomb 3500puffs

The Elux Bomb is the newest addition to the disposable vapes lineup, an affordable cheap elux is something we all are looking for as the device itself is amazing and long-lasting.

What is Elux Bomb?

Elux returns with its explosive new BOMB disposable vape kit device providing an affordable entry point into the world of vaping with a powerful and flavoursome pen available in all classic elux legend flavours, a 1500mAh battery and approx. 3500 puffs of vaping.

Elux Legend Vs Elux Bomb UK Vape World

How Many Puffs are the New Elux Bombs?

Disposable Vape Kits come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, and elux leads the trend. Come in a variety of puff sizes to choose from; the Elux Mini ( Elux-KOV) at just 600puffs to the Elux legend, with a whopping 3500puffs.

Are Elux Bombs also 20MG?

Elux Bombs are also TPD Compliant at 2% Nicotine, the explosive new device is also 20MG similar to its previous version.
All disposable vape devices make use of fresh new nic salt e-liquids, providing their user with a longer-lasting taste and puff, which results in a better-tasting vape.

Do Elux bombs Really Have 3500 Puffs?

Elux Bomb has 3500Puffs, previously only the Elux Legend or Elux legend Pros had a puff size of thirty-five hundred. But Of course, with time devices and their quality improve, and reducing prices. This is the result of grueling years of R & D, which just means better puffs and flavours for you and me...

Does Puff Size Matter?

Yes, Puffs Size does matter, depending on how much you vape. A person who's constantly looking for a puff may find their disposable runs out within a matter of hours or even minutes; no matter the puff size.

Since we began vaping here at UK Vape World in 2010, this industry has evolved quite a bit. Everyone's a different kind of vaper now. That is quite a challenge for companies such as elf and eluX as they have to make a device best for you and me. And I'm not gonna lie I'm into some weird stuff (when it comes to vaping... not what you were thinking)

The Size of the puff is just one factor when it comes to determining the best disposable vape for you.

What does Elux Taste like compared to elf bar?

Elux Vs Elf - which is better! Personally for me, and probably a lot of you guys out there, Elux's wide range of flavours would have reeled you in. But when it comes to classic bread and butter flavours, blue razz lemonade, blueberry ice, Elf Still reigns king!

Both these amazing vapes are built of the same building blocks that make up the majority of the disposable bars market today; device shell, inbuilt battery, and Flavoured Nic Salt. So what makes them different from their competitors and each other?

Flavour combinations: Both Elux and Elf have brought in some beautiful flavors to the e-liquid market which we had never before even heard of... I mean when was the last time you drank a drink called Lady Pink, or Tiger Blood, or Unicorn shake? It is not just the unique flavours they bring, but the quality of these flavours providing a scrumptious taste and a smooth hit to the user.

Which is better Elux Legend or Elux Bomb?

Elux Legends again take the lead, with a massive array of delicious flavours!

Elux Legends have dominated the vape bar market since they arrived in late 2021, they have given you and me a better way to vape, that is more affordable and convenient. This couldn't be more true for the New Elux Bombs, following in their recipe (pun intended), these new devices are again a cheaper way to vape in these challenging times, with the same puff size and the same flavours!

The Battle continues...

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