Why Are Disposable Pods So Popular?

This may come as a shock to some of you even though it is common knowledge that both millennials and Gen Z vape, but most of the vaping population is concentrated with millennials, those who have tried their luck with Smoking but come to realise it does more harm than good and so chose to vape as a healthier alternative.

However, in these past couple of months, we have seen an explosion of Gen Z Vapers in the UK, more than there were seen in the past 5 years. This new generation has found vaping through convenient and accessible arms of the disposable vape in the UK, similar to the Juul Epidemic in America last year.

Gen Z Vaping - Why are disposable Vapes So Popular - UK Vape World

These young carefree vapers don’t care about how much the cost of these disposable vapes would rack up in the long term, they are just looking for a quick hit they can get whenever and wherever they want. They don’t want to get in the hassle of replacing coils, tanks, batteries; they don't have time for all that.

It’s the One Night Stand Of Vaping

It’s true, many of us have commitment problems, you wouldn’t want to bog down to just one vape device for the rest of your life. It’s a big and expensive decision. Nowadays you have a lot of things to consider when choosing a vape device.

  • Is it an MTL or DL device?
  • Mod or Pod?
  • What is the Tank and Battery Capacity?
  • What E-liquid options are available?
  • How much would maintenance cost?

It just seems like too much of a hassle to go through for a bit of fun, so people nowadays automatically opt-in for the cheap disposable vapes

Perfect For Beginners

Confused Vaper - What is the difference between MTL and DL Vaping - UK Vape World

Meet John, He is 38 and recently quit smoking, he doesn't know much about vaping or how it works, he has a full-time job and mouths to feed and doesn’t want to waste his Saturday learning about every little detail about how coils work or which mix of e-liquid would be the best for him.

The modern vaper does not have time to weigh the pros and cons of every vape device all he needs right now is a healthier way of getting his daily dose of Nicotine. So what does John do?

That’s right John buys a disposable device, it seems familiar to his Cigarette, it is compact, it doesn't have batteries, he can use it when he wants then throw it away, and it’s healthy. Or is it?

Are Disposable Vapes Safe?

Safety First - Group of people holding safety sign - Are disposable Pods Safe

With such increasing popularity, these new pods are bound to have some talk going amongst the population. You must have heard from a friend or your local vape shop owner who just ran out of stock of the Geek Bar, that these disposable devices aren’t safe. That they can explode in your face. Let me be really clear here. NO, THEY WILL NOT EXPLODE IN YOUR FACE IF YOU USE THEM PROPERLY.

Notice how I said if you use it properly, obviously if someone is dumb enough to expose the battery and then use a pin to poke holes in it, then this kind of electronic cigarette or any electronic device isn't for you my friend. Maybe you just stick to the books.

The Take-Away

In conclusion, disposable vape pods have officially become a trend, there is no telling at this point where it could go, it is abundantly clear that it is more popular with the youth as it is easily accessible, perfect for beginners, and available in many flavours. And that these devices should be safe as long as you have not disposed of your brain.

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