Blue Sour Raspberry TACJA Nicotine Pouches By Elf Bar

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Nicotine Strength


Blue Sour Raspberry Elf Bar TACJA Nicotine Pouches is a tart raspberry dance with sweet blueberries, a balanced blend of fruity delight with a touch of frost. These petite, supple pouches are entirely devoid of tobacco

SPECIAL: Pack Of 20 FOR £3.99

ELF BAR Freezing ICE flavoured Nic Pouch offers a cool new way to get your nicotine fix, without the clouds!

Tacja nicotine pouches provide a subtle substitute for vaping or smoking, ensuring a stain-free, scent-free, and vaporless experience and are the Official NIC Pouches by ELF BAR

These pouches are Sold in packs of 20.

Directions For Use:

To use, simply position a pouch between your lip and gum, which will introduce a refreshing and tingling sensation for approximately fifteen minutes, while the nicotine intake extends for up to thirty minutes.