Box Of 10 - RED Edition IVG 2400 Disposable Pen Kit

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Box Of 10 - RED Edition IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Pen Kit is a mysterious and captivating blend, bringing together rare and unique flavors for an adventurous and flavorful vaping experience.

Say goodbye to the hassle of refills and charging, and enjoy the convenience and flavor of ICE POP wherever you go.

Use until empty, then simply twist the pod and click-in to use a new 2ml cartridge, use upto 4 Cartridges included in the single disposable vape, reducing plastic waste by about 75%

IVG Bar 2400Puffs disposable pen device offers a smooth and pure taste available in a plethora of fruity fresh flavours, fueled by a inbuilt 1500mAh battery and approx. 2400 puffs of vaping.This device provides not only an enjoyable vape experience but also is kinder to the environment and your wallet.

I Vape Great Bar Features:

  • 2400 Puffs
  • 1500 mAh Battery 
  • 2ML x 4 Eliquid 

Nic Strength: 20MG/2% Nic

Puffs: At least 2400 puff

Battery capacity: 1500 mAh

Flavour Menu:

Berry Lemonade ICE: A delectable yet refreshing blend.

Blackcurrant Lemonade: a unique flavor combination of tart blackcurrant and sweet lemonade

Blackcurrant Menthol: Deep blackcurrant, cool menthol exhale.

BLUE EDITION: 4 unique blends for you to try

Blue Raspberry ICE: Fresh Blueberries and ravishing razz with an icy twist

Blue Razz Cherry: Blueberries, Raspberries with sweet tangy cherries

Blue Fusion: Sharp notes of blackberries fused with deliciously sweet blueberry

Classic Menthol: A simple menthol blend

Cola Lime: your favourite coke drink with a citric twist

Fizzy Cherry: your favourite cherry blend with a fizz

Fresh Mint Menthol Mojito: Everything minty you can image

Grape ICE: Grapes on ICE

Heavenly Drops: Worth a try, an otherworldy experience

ICE POP: Why not

Lemon Lime: Citric lemons and citric limes

Peach Mango ICE: Perky peaches and magnificent mangoes on ice

Pineapple ICE: Pineapples on ice

PINK EDITION: 4 different flavours in 1 bar 

Plum Blue Razz: I thought they ran out of ideas

Professor Blue: Mr blue but PHD edition

PURPLE EDITION: Four flavours one bar, a unique twist 

Red Apple ICE: Red apples on ice

Strawberry ICE: Strawberries on ice

Strawberry Mint MENTHOL Mojito: sweet yet minty

Strawberry Watermelon: my favourite

Tropical Fruits: a tropical punch

VimTonic: Vimto but no copyright disputes

Watermelon ICE: watermelons on ice

YELLOW EDITION: a colourful experience

Yummy Gummy: nostalgic sweet flavour

Juicy Edition NEW (4 FLAVOURS IN 1)

Menthol Edition NEW (4 FLAVOURS IN 1)

Summer Edition NEW (4 FLAVOURS IN 1)

Special edition NEW (4 FLAVOURS IN 1)

Exotic Edition NEW (4 FLAVOURS IN 1)


(NEW) Vape Review: 2.333333333 ★