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Shop Crystal 2400 Puff Bar 4 in 1 Disposable Puff SKE Vape are here to innovate with their NEW 2400 puffs bars disposable devices first hit the market, More efficient cheaper alternative for customers great option because of their scrumptious flavours 

SKE Crystal 4in1 Pod Kit is an innovative and user-friendly vaping device designed for simplicity and convenience. Here's an overview of the key features and details of this versatile pod kit:

Crystal SKE Ultra Disposable Puff SKE Vape

C R Y S T A L 2400Puffs disposable pen device offers a smooth and exotic taste available in an abundance of fruity combinations flavours, fueled by a internal 1000mAh battery and approximately 2400 puffs of vaping.

Crystal Ultra Kit Features:

  • 2400 Puffs (4 in 1 PODs)
  • 950 mAh Battery 
  • 50/50 ELIQUID 
  • It offers an excellent range of flavours
  • Easy to use, draw activated
  • Aid you in quitting
Features Of Crystal Bar 2400 Puff Disposable Device By SKE - UK Vape World

Flavours Menu: 

Blue Edition is a refreshing blend with subtle sweetness, delivering a blue-tinted, invigorating experience.

Blue Sour Raspberry offers a harmonious balance of tartness and sweetness, creating a vibrant raspberry twist.

Blue Razz Lemonade combines zesty lemons with blue raspberry, resulting in a tangy and fruity delight.

Cherry ICE provides a burst of bold cherry flavor, accompanied by a cooling menthol finish.

Fruit Medley is a diverse fusion of assorted fruits, creating a symphony of flavors.

Green Edition offers a unique herbal profile, blending green notes for a fresh and intriguing vape.

Lemon Lime combines the zing of citrusy lemons and limes, crafting a zesty and energizing sensation.

Red Edition is a rich and flavorful concoction, delivering a burst of red fruits for a sweet and fulfilling vape.

Rose Edition introduces delicate floral undertones, providing a unique and aromatic vaping experience.

Tropical Mixed is a lush combination of tropical fruits, delivering a sun-soaked, exotic flavor profile.

Watermelon ICE brings together juicy watermelon with a touch of menthol, creating a refreshing and cooling vape.

Mixed Edition offers a medley of diverse flavors, resulting in a complex and satisfying vaping experience.