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What Are Drip Tips?

A drip tip is also called the mouthpiece. It's a section of an atomiser or tank that comes in direct contact with the lips of the vaper. To many, the drip tip is an accessory. In most cases, it is removable and replaceable with an option of your liking. The drip tip has one or two O-rings. The O-rings are placed on the drip tip or inside the top cap of the atomiser.

How Do Vape Drip Tips Work?

The role of the vape drip is to pass the vapour from the device into the mouth of the user. The drip tip can directly influence the vaping experience, depending on how narrow it is. Narrow drip tips have a tighter mouth to lung or direct lung draw. Wider tips have more airflow and are more suited for a looser direct lung draw. Wider tips are best for DL applications.

510 Vs 810 Drip Tip

When purchasing a vape device, one of the specifications you should check is the drip tip size. There are two main types of drip tips: the 510 and the 810-drip tip.

The 510 options are the most commonly used. It has been the industry standard for a couple of years now. However, you shouldn't be concerned because, in some of the devices, the mouthpieces are interchangeable.

510 drip tips are common in vape pens and box mod kits. You are more likely to find a 510-drip tip on devices that don't come with a powerful sub-ohm tank.

The standard 510 mouthpieces will usually have one or two small O-rings around their base. However, it's not unusual to find options that don't have O-rings. The seals are usually places inside the top section of the tank. In such cases, the devices will not work with regular 510 drip tips.

810 drip tips are much wider. These hit the market courtesy of some of the top RDAs. They are revered for their flavour production. Since they were first introduced, the 810 drip tips have rapidly become popular.

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