Kingston By Black Magic 100ml E Liquid 70/30 VG/PG

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Black Magic E-Liquid Range

The All in one Magical Range contains the best flavours of all of the following ranges;

  • Slush
  • SODA
  • Chilly Willies
  • Sweets
  • Chews

Check out the Gazillion flavours from this range here!

Fruit Pastilles
Fruit Pastilles taste like that famous pack of sweets.

Strawberry Kiwi Fantasy
Strawberry Kiwi Fantasy is not only just like the drink by name it tastes like it as well only thing missing is the can

Black Aniseed
A strong taste bud infusing layered aniseed flavour, if you like black jacks or aniseed balls then this flavour is for you!

This fruity explosion of grapefruit mixed with berries and zesty citrus fruits is a dream for that all day vape you require!

The batch of blue! What is in it? Blueberry, anise, menthol and everything else in between? We will never truly know… all we do know is, it’s GOOD!

Red A
Red Berries, black grape with a smooth overtone of eucalyptus. This ever famous flavour needs no introduction and is one of the highest selling flavours on the market!

Cherry Chill
Pair the mouth-watering delight of cherry with the calming sensation of menthol and you get a delicious, relaxed e-liquid in the form of our Cherry Chill.

Blackcurrant Chill
A sweet fruity mix of blackcurrants with a cooling aftertaste.

Strawberry Chew
Strawberry chews taste so much like the sweet you will forget witch one you have in your mouth.

Mixed berry flavour explosion, fruity and sweet. The flavour is reminiscent of a classic mixed fruit beverage we all know and love!

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