Lost Mary BM600

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Lost Mary BM600puff Disposable Bars offer a smooth and satisfying taste 

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Experience ultimate relaxation with the Lost Mary BM-Series Puff Bars. This unique device combines a smooth, velvety finish for maximum comfort and sleek, stylish design for an eye-catching, portable look. Enjoy top-tier flavor and unparalleled convenience - what more could you ask for?

Lost-Mary BM600 Bar 

Strength: 20MG / 2% Nic Salt

Puffs: At least 600puff

Battery capacity: 550mAH

LM Bars from Elf provide you with yet another unique range of flavours 

Airflow: Smart Controlled 

Lost Mary BM600 Pack Of 10 Bars - UK Vape World

Flavour Menu:

Bamboo Aloe - Bamboo mixed with aloe vera for some reason?

Blackcurrant Apple - sour with sweet apples 

Mint Tobacco - a cool exhale with your classic tobacconist blend

Orange Gummy Bear - sweet, citric

Maryjack Kisses - jack could have fit on that door (if you know... you know) 

VMT (Vimto) - vmt because copyright issues

Pink Senorita - ever been to spain? After this you'll want to..

Cola - Classic coca-cola flavour drink

Sakura Grape - gracious blend of grapes

Triple Berry ICE - blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

Blue Razz ICE - blueberry raspberry flavour with a hint of ice

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava- no need to explain

Pink Lemonade - 

Watermelon ICE - summer sweet taste of watermelooons

Strawberry ICE - saccharine yet cool blend 


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