Sour Blueberries Crystal Bar Puffs 600 VU9 Box Of 10

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Sour Blueberries - VU9 Classic Pack Of 10 Cheap Disposable the perfect balance of tangy and tart, this delicious flavor will tantalize each taste bud with its refreshing berry burst. Enjoy with each puff!

DIFFERENT FROM Crystal by SKE (£36.99) Both are available for purchase online Crystal is a design - and is used by many brands - such as Tito, TBO (Bloody Mary), Even Elux with their (Firerose Nova)

Classic bar reimagined - using the large range of delightful flavours from VU9 Eliquids as well as specials not available in any other vape!

Flavour Profile: tast the ...

C R Y S T A L Bar 600 Puffs Features:

- Fueled by a Modest 500mAh Battery

- Strength: 20MG

- 20mg of Premium Grade VU9 Nicotine Salt E-liquid

- Distinctive NEW FLAVOURS

Crystal Bar Flavours Menu:

Watermelon strawberry bubblegum: Refreshingly sweet and juicy fusion Berries Ice: Exotic Berries combined with a delicate coolness Blue Fusion: Iconic Mr Blue with a unique twist Lemon peach passion fruit: Tart-like citrus notes combined with sweet and savoury nuances Peach ice: Orchard fresh peach flavour with a cooling highlight Blueberry raspberry: Fresh berries combined with a tart-like aroma Tobacco: Rich and robust flavour Kiwi passion fruit guava: Tropical trio of tropical flavours Menthol: Clean and refreshing essence Sour apple blueberry: Zesty apples and fresh blueberries Cherry ice: Sweet cherries with a hint of chill Blueberry sour raspberry: Dual berry combination with a sweet and sour taste Pink lemonade: Classic lemony refreshment with a pink tint Green grape: Crisp green

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