Sour Pineapple ICE - Crystal Bar Puffs 600 SKE Box Of 10 Disposable Bars

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Sour Pineapple ICE Crystal Vape Ske Bar Disposable Bar Classic Pack Of 10 burst of tart and tangy sour pineapple flavor. Enjoy its bold and icy sensations for a unique vaping experience.

A proxy to the Market Leading Elf Bars - Have taken over as the favourite choice for your next disposable vape

Crystal Bar Disposable Vapes - a new classic bar has been created by Vape Ske with a large range of delightful flavours as well as specials not available in any other vape!

Flavour Profile: Tropical Bananas, Cool Mint 

C R Y S T A L Bar 600 Puffs Ske Features:

- Fueled by a Modest 500mAh Battery

- Strength: 20MG

- 20mg of Premium Grade Nicotine Salt E-liquid

- Distinctive NEW FLAVOURS

Crystal Bar Flavours Menu SKE:

Watermelon strawberry bubblegum:

Berries Ice: Wild Berries with a delicate hint of cool ice

Blue Fusion: Classic Mr Blue with a twist infused in it's veins

Lemon peach passion fruit

Peach ice

Blueberry raspberry: take your taste buds on a ride with tart-like berries flavour with a sweet and savoury taste


Kiwi passion fruit guava

Menthol: Refreshing exhale, 

Sour apple blueberry: Apples that have gone bad, mixed with Fresh blueberries

Cherry ice: Cherries with ICE!

Blueberry sour raspberry: freshly picked berries with sour berries - double berries basically

Pink lemonade: It's lemonade, but its PINK!

Green grape: It's Grape, but its GREEN!

Watermelon ice: lushious blend of summer watermelons with a refreshingly cool exhale

Strawberry burst: An explosive taste of Strawberries you've never had before

Sour apple: Apples, that have gone bad 

Honey melon: All kinds of melons mixed with Honey in a lab

Mango ice: Summer saccharine Mangoes with a cool refreshing exhale

Cola ice: I mean you can just drink it from your fridge, but its in a vape...

Blueberry peach ice: Berries and perky peaches with an icy twist

Fresh menthol mojito: Minty fresh mojito - perfect for the weekend

Lemon lime: A dual CITRIC twist

Blue razz lemonade: Fresh bluberries, ravishing raspberries in a citric flavoursome vape

Tiger blood: No tigers were harmed in the production

Sour blueberry: Blueberries that have gone bad

Strawberry ice cream: Again, Grab from your fridge instead of vaping

Mr Black: Rich coffeezilla blend, with a smooth exhale

(NEW) Vape Review: ★