Tropical ISLAND IVG "Bar Favourites" Salt 10ml Nic Eliquid

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Tropical ISLAND IVG "Bar Favourites" Salt 10ml Nic Eliquid become an islandBoy and try the blend of delectable pineapple, melon, and kiwi that will tantalize your taste buds.

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- Premium Grade Nicotine Salt 

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- Available In 10mg and 20mg

- Suitable for MTL Vaping

- Made By IVG with Years of Experience in the Vaping Industry

- Bar Salts are derirved from flavours of popular disposable vapes.

Approx 3500-5000 PUFFS

With a VG/PG ratio of 50/50, this E-Juice is best used with MTL (Mouth To Lung) devices and produces a discreet amount of vapor that resembles a traditional cigarette.

IVG Bar Salt presents an extensive selection of fruit and beverage-inspired E-Liquids, all of which are eco-friendly and superior in quality.

The 10ml salt nicotine E-Liquid is available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths and comes with a childproof cap and tamper evident seal for added safety.

Flavour Menu:

Apple Berry - Apples and berries mixed today

Berry Medley - Saccharine bitter blend with a unique twist

Blue Raspberry - Fresh Blueberries with Ravishing Raspberries

Blueberg Burst - An explosion of forrest berries in your mouth

Bubblegum - its... gum 

Carribean Crush - Tropical blend you can only taste

Cinnamon Blaze Chew - No idea why but people like it, so hey!

Citrus Lemonade - They just made lemonade more citric

Cola ICE - Classic Coca Cola flavour with an icy twist

Forrest Berries ice - Mixed berreis with an icy twist

Fresh Lemonade - Why drink it, when you can vape it

Fresh Mango - Why eat it, when you can vape it,

Frozen Cherries - you can't eat frozen cherries but you can ...

Fruit Twist - smooth saccharine, hit with a twist

Green Energy - Refreshingly sweet yet citric

Honey Crunch - Skip the breakfast, vape-it

Honeydew Lemonade - a tantalizing blend of zesty citrus and a hint of exotic tropical fruit

ICE Menthol - cooling flavor experience that is sure to invigorate.

ICED MELONADE - Icy melon with a citric twist

KIWI LEMON COOL - Tropical Kiwis on ice

Neon Lime - t antalizes taste buds with its blend of zesty citrus fruits

Orangeade - lemonade, but orange 

Paradise Lagoon - A heavenly blend  

Peppermint Breeze Chew - Refreshingly minty sensation with a subtle sweetness

Pina Colada - tropical flavor profile, without the alcohol

Pink Lemonade - a colourful taste

Rainbow Blast - burst of sweet

Riberry Lemonade - sharp, tangy blackcurrants, sweet wild berries and a classic refreshing lemonade

Rio Rush - Refreshing citrus blast with bold notes of orange and pineapple, banana

Sour Green Apple - has the power to keep the doctor away

Spearmint Sweets - a spear of sweet mint, a cool-sweet taste basically

Strawberry Jam - Sweet, sticky, and sumptuously spreadable,

Strawberry Sensation - Basically just eat a strawberry

Strawberry Watermelon Chew - Featuring a Watermelon base, an expertly blended sweet chewing gum finish.

Summer Blaze -  bursting with the sweet, tart notes of mixed summer berries

Tropical Berry Chew - berries with a tropical twist

Tropical ICE Blast - you know what this is! 

Unicorn Hoops - featuring creamy strawberry and banana-flavoured milkshake

Vanilla Biscuit - Ice cream biscuit basically

Vimade Fusion - Vimto, lemonade

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