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Best Wholesale Suppliers Of Vape In The UK 2021

In this day and age transparency is key, we want to share with our customers the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How we get our products!

Also to help any, entreprenuers out there. That want to know where the best place to buy in bulk would be! 

Finding reliable bulk wholesale Vaping suppliers or E cigarette accessories vendors is one of the most important steps to starting a vape store. 

A good quality supplier will not only offer a solid product catalogue, but also provide higher margin. With that sentiment in mind,

We have been using one supplier for sourcing the majority of our products here at UK Vape World and we would like to share that with you!

We will provide you all the details about this Major UK Supplier Of Vapes, from our experience. Including all the data from 

  • Location – Where the items get shipped from and to. 
  • Shipment Time – How long it will takes items to get to your store/customers 
  • MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity, this supplier may allow dropshipping
  • Reputation – Reviews and Ratings from Trusted Sources 
  • Product Quality – A good quality product is important

Who Does UK Vape World Buy From? 

VU9 Wholesale - The Best Vaping Distributor Online

Its only fair that we share the best suppliers we have had experience with!

And that Is VU9 Wholesale.

In the Vape Shop Business, your supplier is your lifeline. As per the business model, or for any business model as a matter of fact, we have to sell more to earn more. 

The main ingredient to high sales is supplies! So, you need a supplier who can help you fill up the empty racks overnight. And I mean this literally when I'm talking about VU9 Wholesale! 

The What and Why Of Our Supplier? 

VU9 stores the best wholesale vape supplies you will find anywhere in the UK. Think of it as the Costco of the Vaping Industry, giving you access to high quality products. Plus they will also take care of automated fulfillment and branded invoicing, making VU9 a good supplier.

With competitive Wholesale pricing and fast free domestic shipping on orders over £200.

The When and Where?

They have four warehouse centers across the UK for fast shipment. On an average, they take 1 to 4 days to fulfill an order. If you are good with bulk buy, its a great place for wholesale disposable vapes as well.

Their Main Base is in our home town, the great city of Manchester! 

And guess what, they also have options for you to click and collect! Meaning you place your order online, they notify you when it's ready. And all you have to do is go to the designated collection point, and pick your order.

How We Came To Know Of Them?

Well, its complicated. We have been working with them since 2014! So we don't actually remember how we met? Sorry how I met your mother fans! 

But we have been with them long enough to say with confidence, that they are the best Vape Supplier Online!

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